Your generous contribution

  • SPC needs to be competitive and above par with Govt. schools to attain highest level of recognition in education and to attract & retain good students
  • SPC is a private Institution. This project needs to be funded privately.
  • Funds will be managed by assigned staff of SPC.
  • Monthly reports will be available via web, reporting on:
    • Total funds needed vs. received
    • Completed work and expenditure
    • Progress assessment of budget vs. actual
    • Progress of planned schedule vs. actual


Contributions & Recommended Methods

  • Smaller and frequent contributions are also welcome. Every contribution will make this dream happen.
  • Obtaining the total funds at the beginning may not be possible. It will be a Phased approach and we shall continue to raise funds as we progress, counting on your continued support.
  • Recommending contributions to be made via SPC UK Alumni Association to:
    • Gain tax benefits to the donors at a rate of 22% (est.)
    • Documented contribution and transfer of funds within countries (UK and Sri Lanka)
    • Please do not make any CASH contributions. Contributions by CHECKS or ON LINE TRANSFER is recommended to maintain records.


Pledge form is attached as a word document


Thank you for your generosity and support for our future Patricians