unnamedThe Technology Stream Project at St. Patrick’s College, Jaffna is to erect a three storied building as a technology centre and equip the same with necessary facilities and apparatuses.  Under The Government’s Educational Program, a new Technology Education Program was initiated to upgrade the schools throughout Sri Lanka with the modern facilities to match up the Colombo based schools. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, new laboratories are introduced to provide technical training. The government initiated the Mahindodaya Technical Laboratories program to develop 1,000 secondary schools with modern amenities with the aim of providing equal educational opportunities for children in all areas by enhancing facilities in schools.  As a good number of students at St. Patrick’s College chose Technology subjects for their A/L, the College strongly felt the need of providing them with a centre to give them opportunities to develop the practical side of the subjects they learn.

The global reunion of the Old Boys’ Associations in England in August 2016 was found to be a golden opportunity for the College to raise funds necessary to accomplish the project.  Thanks to all those generous donors.   The project was begun on 8th Oct. 2016 with the laying of the foundation stone by Rt. Revd. Dr. Justin B. Gnanapragasam, the Bishop of Jaffna and Manager of the College.  The completion of the building is hoped to be achieved by the end of June 2017.  However, the project will continue as long as the centre is fully equipped with necessary facilities to meet the standards of the Technology Stream as laid down by the Ministry of Education.

The project, at the moment, is being carried out solely with the enormous financial help of the old boys around the globe.  However, the Rector of the College with his team is seeking ways and means to track possible sources such as the local benefactors, well-wishers and politicians to support the project, particularly to equip the technology centre with necessary facilities.

The construction of the tech centre has been entrusted to Java Constructors who have successfully completed similar projects in a few schools in Jaffna.  At the request of the Manager of the College (Bishop of Jaffna), Mr. Logan Saverimuthu, a well distinguished old boy of the College has taken up the huge responsibility of accomplishing this project.  He has already hit the ground running the project.  Thanks to his invaluable service to his Alma Mater.